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Kyle Marek-Spartz

,, +1 507 205-4102, Saint Paul, Minnesota


Granicus (formerly known as GovDelivery), 2014-Present

Site Reliability Engineer, 2017-Present

Software Engineer, 2014-2017

Enabled customers to segment and engage citizens based on activity and outcomes using a streaming data architecture. Increased subscriber import reliability and performance to reach over 100 million subscribers.

Mentored team members to develop engineering best practices. Reinforced process improvements by formalizing a definition of done, especially around deployment, documentation, monitoring, load testing, measurement, and data practices. Increased release reliability by investing in test reliability and release frequency.

Led cross-department team to promote collaboration, diversity, distributed team skills, and mentorship throughout the company.

Celador, 2013-Present


Development and maintenance of customer web and mobile applications.

University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy: Speech Informatics Lab, 2012-2014

Research Assistant

Speech and cognition research. Primary developer, REST server and web application for psychological examination, data collection, and analysis. Integrated server with iOS and Windows clients.

University of Minnesota Computer Science and Engineering, 2012-2013

Research Assistant, GroupLens: experimental research on propagation of information between language versions of Wikipedia, 2012-2013

Teaching Assistant, CSci 1001, Overview of Computer Science, Spring 2012

University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), 2011-2012

Propagation of language change through social networks, diffusion of lexical innovations in emergent social networks via social brokerage / weak ties.

University of Minnesota MobileApp Challenge, 2011-2012

InContext, a language learning application focused on vocabulary development and retention. Vocabulary list generation, adaptive testing, reading resource suggestion targeting learner. Led Python ( REST server development, assisted iOS application development.

University of Minnesota Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics, 2010-2011

NASA Minnesota Space Grant, 2010-2011

Teaching Assistant, AEM 1901, Weather Balloon Seminar, Fall 2010

Publications, Presentations, and Posters

System for Automated Speech and Language Analysis (SALSA) (demonstration paper [pdf], poster [pdf]). Kyle Marek-Spartz, Benjamin Knoll, Robert Bill, Thomas Christie, Serguei Pakhomov. Interspeech, September 2014.

Computerized Language and Speech Analysis to Measure Effects of Anti-Epileptic Drugs on Cognition (poster [pdf]). Serguei Pakhomov, Kyle Marek-Spartz, Robert Bill, Benjamin Knoll, Thomas Christie, Angela Birnbaum, Ilo Leppik, Susan Marino. 3rd International Congress on Epilepsy, Brain and Mind, April 2014.

Construction of the Gmane corpus for examining the diffusion of lexical innovations (workshop paper, [pdf]). Kyle Marek-Spartz, Paula Chesley, Hannah Sande. Words and Networks: Language Use in Socio-Technical Networks (WON 2012) Workshop at 2012 ACM Web Science Conference, June 2012.

Language change in social networks (presentation). Kyle Marek-Spartz. University of Minnesota: Institute of Linguistics – Society Of Undergraduate Linguists (SOUL) Colloquium, April 2012.


Linguistics B.A., with minor in Computer Science, University of Minnesota

Organizations, Service, and Honors