May 29, 2014

I’ve been manually keeping track of my blogging with Beeminder for the last few months. However, since my blog has a feed, why can’t I have Beeminder automatically create datapoints from my feed?

Now I can. I created a script to check my feed every 24 hours and create datapoints for new posts using the Beeminder API, Hammock, feedparser, and Heroku. It is available on Github.

You’ll need the following:

To configure and install mindfeed:

git clone
cd mindfeed
heroku apps:create <somename>-mindfeed
heroku config:set BEEMINDER_API_URL=""
heroku config:set USERNAME=<your-beeminder-username>
heroku config:set AUTH_TOKEN=<your-beeminder-authentication-token>
heroku config:set GOAL=<your-beeminder-goal-name>
heroku config:set FEED_URL=<your-feed-url>
git push heroku master
heroku scale worker=1

In related news, I’ve also added the graph for my Beeminder blogging goal to my blog index page, though I’m not yet sure how I want to organize the page–adding the list of tags and the Beeminder graph pushed the post list below the fold.