WX now Open Source

May 23, 2014

I have two Raspberry Pis from one of the first US batches and haven’t done anything with them until just recently. I’m working toward a RPi weather station!

Instead of having the weather station be its own web server, since it may go in and out of range of the internet or lose power, I decided to make a web app and deploy it elsewhere. It also will allow the RPi to submit measurements via a Rest API.

Recently, I saw a lightning talk demonstrating the use of Peewee, and I thought it looked pretty neat. I decided to play with Peewee (no pun intended) by implementing a quick version of the Rest API and web app. So far I’ve gotten the Rest API and an Admin interface together, as Flask-Peewee does this automatically.

Today, I put WX on GitHub.

I’m going to make a branch with SQLAlchemy models so that I can directly compare the two. I’ll be giving a talk at the upcoming PyMNtos Web Dev Meetup about their comparative strengths and weaknesses.

Eventually, I plan on using Hammock to implement a client that will run on one of my RPis to collect and submit weather measurements.