Startup Services Startups

April 30, 2014

One of the services we offer at Celador we like to call Startup as a Service. If a client has a business idea, but not the team to make it happen, we can help.

Y Combinator and other startup accelerators are also startup services. In addition to financial investment, the main service they offer is expertise and connections. Startups pay for these services with equity. The trick here is to fund enough startups that the successful ones can hire the founders of the unsuccessful ones.

Co-working spaces and hackerspaces such as the Hacker Dojo offer another sort of service, albeit targeted more toward the individual, as individuals typically pay for membership.

I’d be curious to see in a startup services startup which would offer the expertise and connections of an accelerator but also provide working space without money being invested. The target client would be a startup either in or just out of an accelerator, and the payment would be with equity. Again, the trick would be to have enough startups working side by side. Does something like this exist? My impression of accelerators has been that they don’t generally provide much for working space, but I may be wrong.

Sell shovels. Don’t dig for gold. What other startup services startups are there?

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